Lovely testimonials from lovely people :

“Through crystal journeys I’ve been amazed at the different energies crystals have and how powerful they are.  I have found it all enlightening and informative.” – Zara UK
“Since beginning Crystal Journeys I have been on a spiritual journey.  My intuition has really developed and my spirituality has grown. I have learnt alot working with the crystals.” – Kathy UK
The site is very easy to use ( i am not great with computers, but managed everything ok)
I think that the course was great value for money  -all of the crystals to work with, pdfs, grids and loads of mp3s  – and all for  a very reasonable price!
I used an mp3 player to listen to the journeys.
I have already recommended this course/ website to other people via my newsletter, and i would like to do some more journeys with you in the future. The course is very good for those who are unable to attend workshops  and are well motivated to do the work  and use their intuition to develop their understanding of crystals and  of themselves. Diane UK
 The site was very easy to use. I was able to find the materials and download them with no problem. I used dropbox. 
Also the  audio quality was vey good. I used my iPad to hear the mp3 files. Very good device.
 The course met my expectation! As a matter of fact, more than I imagined.
 I would be confident to recommend this to my family and friends. 
And yes, I feel the lesson was very valuable and satisfying for me equal to the payment!
 I would be interested in further journeys! I would like to explore more.
Now I feel I connected more deeply with the crystals. But I haven’t really been able to meet crystal diva or see imaginations, so I’m eager to deepen more.
I am very satisfied with course.
 Your feedback on my emails helped me a lot. i experienced very new things with the crystals. I think The key successful lesson is to be very honest with yourself and share it with the teacher. 
Warm regards,
Miho Japan

“I have studied a couple of different crystal healing modalities but do not have a healing practice nor am I set up with the time, space nor willing people to practice on. But I wanted to continue working with crystals for my own personal development. Crystal Journeys was exactly what I was looking for! A framework to explore crystals for their insight and wisdom, with excellent guidance and room for my individual interpretations. Gwyneth’s voice is very soothing and easy to listen to; and the meditations were well paced. I feel my intuition, my inner vision and knowing have all been strengthened and developed as the journeys continued. The feedback was very knowledgable, timely and very supportive. Most of all, my connection to the crystal kingdom has been strengthened. I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the lessons, they became little slices of heavenly bliss to nurture and illuminate me in my waking life.” Love from Tina, Australia