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Here's What People Are Saying About The Course

“Through crystal journeys I’ve been amazed at the different energies crystals have and how powerful they are. I have found it all enlightening and informative.” 

 Zara UK

 my connection to the crystal kingdom has been strengthened. I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the lessons, they became little slices of heavenly bliss to nurture and illuminate me in my waking life.”

Love from Tina, Australia

What's in the course?


There are 5 modules and each one contains PDF and mp3 files. These can all be downloaded onto your device or accessed from the site. I recommend each module or lesson takes about two weeks but because it is an online course you can take as long as you like

One On One Mentoring

To get the most out of your course we recommend that you feedback your impressions, feelings and experiences as you journey via email.